Fine art school photography is an approach to school portraiture with a focus on creating images that reveal the magnificence and uniqueness of the child. The custom, candid images provides a better option for parents than standard industry norms. Orange Sun Studio provides a fun and unique experience for your chil, creating real moments, eliciting genuine emotion from children, and delivering a product of exceptional quality.

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I stay away from the word ‘cheese’ and do not believe in forcing a smile. In stead I look for real and natural expressions resulting in authentic, natural, modern images. Genuine smiles, a funny laugh, a serious face – I will capture your child’s personality as they are in a timeless fashion and I keep the process easy going with no pressure along the way.

All payments/ordering is done through a secure site and will be operated 100% online, ordering is simple and always optional. Each child’s family will be provided with 2-3 poses and color corrected proofs in color and black and white (4-6 images total). I offer digital files which can be instantly downloaded after purchase, 3 professional print packages and à la carte products. There are no upfront costs for your school and my product pricing is competitive to fit everyone’s needs.

I have structured my program as a fundraiser for your school, 10% of all sale profits are donated to your school.

School Portraits 002-c66.jpgSchool Portraits 003-c4.jpgSchool Portraits 004-c70.jpgSchool Portraits 005-c91.jpgSchool Portraits 006-c62.jpgSchool Portraits 007-c76.jpgSchool Portraits 008-c48.jpgSchool Portraits 009-c55.jpgSchool Portraits 010-c27.jpgSchool Portraits 011.jpgSchool Portraits 012.jpgSchool Portraits 013.jpgSchool Portraits 014.jpgSchool Portraits 015.jpgSchool Portraits 016.jpgSchool Portraits 017.jpgSchool Portraits 018.jpgSchool Portraits 019.jpgSchool Portraits 020.jpgSchool Portraits 021.jpgSchool Portraits 022.jpgSchool Portraits 023.jpgSchool Portraits 024.jpgSchool Portraits 025.jpgSchool Portraits 026.jpgSchool Portraits 027.jpgSchool Portraits 028.jpgSchool Portraits 029.jpg

For more information on Fine Art School Portraits please contact me at or 316.300.7954.