Happy New Year

Are you ready for the New Year??

Have you made your new list of new year’s resolutions or are you just going to wing it? I’m not that much for new lists to be honest…. It’s more a list of ongoing things that I have… spend time with family and friends, travel more, take more time having fun with my photography 🙂 

We sure had fun creating this years New Years card, and it got messy, very messy… I thought for this occasion it would be fun to show you the aftermath as well, a little behind the scenes 😉 

Thank you for a fabulous 2017, and I hope you have a wonderful 2018.

Much love,

2017 OSS Happy New Year 01.jpg2017 OSS Happy New Year 02.jpg2017 OSS Happy New Year 03.jpg2017 OSS Happy New Year 04.jpg2017 OSS Happy New Year 05.jpg2017 OSS Happy New Year 06.jpg2017 OSS Happy New Year 07.jpg


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Newborn Session ~ Léann

As soon as I picked her up to photograph her she made it abundantly clear who was running the show. I wasn’t even holding her for three minutes and she peed on me, ohhh the joys of a newborn session 😀 .

She already turned two months today and I can honestly say she’s my favorite baby girl here in Wichita. I had the pleasure of photographing her when she was just a day old (how awesome is that !!!). I visited her in the hospital and of course I brought my camera along with an extra lens…  😉  And then later on once they were home I got to photograph her again.

I don’t think I have ever seen a baby who smiles as much as she does and they are just the sweetest smiles 🙂

Leann 01.jpgLeann 02.jpgLeann 03.jpgLeann 04.jpgLeann 05.jpgLeann 06.jpgLeann 07.jpgLeann 08.jpgLeann 09.jpgLeann 10.jpg


Are you looking for a newborn photographer?
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Beloved Family Session with my dear friends

Last April when I was visiting The Netherlands I got to photograph my dear friends Randolf & Gitte and their totally adorable daughter Marit. Initially we planned to get together for a Beloved family session when I was visiting The Netherlands in 2015. Yeah, I’m not kidding here… We were all ready and set to go but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. Dark clouds were hanging over our heads and it started raining. We decided to postpone the shoot for another day. Or, in our case, it would be wait another year. At that moment there just wasn’t any other day or time left before we were flying back to the US again.

That day we ended up at the city center in a bar where we hung out and enjoyed lunch and wine together. We had a great afternoon no matter what, shoot or no shoot, rain or shine 🙂 

In the end, instead of one year we all had to wait two years for the shoot. You see, we ended up not visiting The Netherlands in 2016…

So as we were planning our trip to go back home earlier this year, one of the first things to be added to our planning was this Beloved Family Session. Our planning usually gets a life of it’s own and we needed to make sure this was going to happen!!

The session was fantastic. The best thing about it was to get to know Marit better. Now that she is getting older she is getting less shy when she sees me in person. Gitte is my Skype buddy and I chat with her quite regularly, when Marit is around she usually joins us for a moment and chats with us as well. But in the past when I used to see her in person when I was visiting she was always very shy. Well that has definitely changed now and I love it 🙂 

Beloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 01.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 02.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 03.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 04.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 05.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 06.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 07.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 08.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 09.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 10.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 11.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 12.jpg

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your family? Contact me today to plan your own carefree and fun Beloved Family Session. Let’s create some magic together!

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Beloved Session ~ My Mom and Dad

A Beloved session is a very personal session and I always feel grateful when people invite me to get so close to them. I adore seeing the endless love between parents and their children. The new and fresh love of a young couple that is just starting their lives together, or the deep connection between couples who have been together for years and have gone through the good and the bad together. When I see couples get emotional I get emotional, I just can’t help it. It has happened more than once that I’ve had tears running down my cheeks during a session. Oh how I love Beloved sessions, there is seriously nothing better!

Ever since I started with Beloved sessions I have wanted to plan a Beloved session with my mom and dad. If you have been following my blog you know we have travelled quite a bit together over the years. I have taken lots and lots of photographs of them during these trips but never anything like this.

When my mom asked me if I would have time for a session with her and dad when I was visiting home I got so excited. Of course I would have time for a session with them!! This session, with my mom and dad, was so special to me. Seeing them have fun together and share their love for each other made me so happy.

It was such a treat to do this session with them and to be able to capture these real moments and real expressions in two people I love so dearly.

Beloved session Mom and Dad 01.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 02.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 03.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 04.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 05.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 06.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 07.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 08.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 09.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 10.jpgBeloved session Mom and Dad 11.jpg
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Beloved Family Session ~ Family O’Connor

What a great family and what a fun Beloved Session!!  

First of all there was a young princess, a little bit shy at times, but a princess who totally enjoys making fun of her older brother and who loves showing off her dancing hair and beautiful dress. Then there was a Taekwondo-Master-To-Be who has the best Taekwondo poses (seriously!!) He can also do the funniest voices and as I have been told cannot be trusted with chocolate or any other candy… don’t say I didn’t warn you… And to top it off they brought along their beautiful mother who is so proud of her two children 🙂  What more could I ask for?

Well of course some nice weather, not too hot, not too cold, a nice park and some fun games.  And fortunately we had all that covered as well!


Blog Becky O'Connor 03.jpgBlog Becky O'Connor 06.jpgBlog Becky O'Connor 08.jpg

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your family? Contact me today to plan your own carefree and spontaneous Beloved Family Session. 
Let’s create some magic together!

Images © Orange Sun Studio, do not use or edit images in any format.

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Beloved Session ~ Wizie & Darwin

I recently had the pleasure of having my dear friends Wizie and Darwin in front of my camera. And not just for any session, we were going to do a Beloved Session 🙂  The first time the three of us were talking about doing a Beloved Session Wizie and Darwin just lit up. They were both soo excited to get together for the shoot. Then as I received their filled-in questionnaires it was so much fun to read about their stories, about how they got together and their love for each other.

Scheduling a date however wasn’t so easy. When comparing calendars we quickly found out we had to wait a while before we could actually do the shoot, as in wait months and months and months…. There was work, and way too many trips for each of us…we were visiting family in Holland, they were visiting a tropical island… French Polynesia…. how cool is that… And then when the day was finally there it was perfect! The weather was cooperating, it was a bit chilly outside but after the hot and humid days this was actually not too bad.  We had such a great time  💛

blogoss wizie and darwin 01.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 02.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 03.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 04.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 05.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 06.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 07.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 08.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 09.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 10.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 11.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 12.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 13.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 14.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 15.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 01.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 02.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 03.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 04.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 05.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 06.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 07.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 08.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 09.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 10.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 11.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 12.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 13.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 14.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 15.jpg

If, after seeing these images, you’re interested in finding out more about my Beloved Sessions, you can find more information here 🙂 


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Beloved Solo Session ~ Aswini

Aswini is a very kind and bright young woman who recently graduated as an Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from WSU. She is looking for an engineering job and was in need of a new profile photo for her LinkedIn page. So we teamed up for a Beloved Solo Session to make this happen. On a beautiful afternoon we first headed out to one of the parks here in Wichita and afterwards we dove into the studio for some more formal photos.

Before the session she had told me that she didn’t like being photographed, she never liked her photos. Talk about pressure….  However, I think the Beloved approach to photography made her forget the camera. It made her relax and we had so much fun talking, playing and exploring. We checked out different spots in the park, the high grass is always so great and I just love how the wind played with her hair! Here are some of my favorites of the session in the park.

Aswini, you were such a joy to photograph and I’m happy you love your photos 🙂

Aswini 01.jpgAswini 02.jpgAswini 03.jpgAswini 04.jpgAswini 05.jpgAswini 06.jpgAswini 07.jpgAswini 08.jpgAswini 09.jpgAswini 10.jpgAswini 11.jpgAswini 12.jpgAswini 13.jpgAswini 14.jpgAswini 15.jpgAswini 16.jpg

In case you are looking for an engineer, here’s a link to her LinkedIn profile!!

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Looking Forward To

After a vacation it always takes me time to go through all my photos of the trip. I know there are photographers who sort their photos out straight away and that’s that but that’s not me. Not when it comes to the photos of our personal trips… that can take me months… Maybe it’s also because I just like going back to the images and in a way experience the journey over and over again. Look at my edits, try different edits, compare them side by side, it’s a process 🙂

And then while I’m doing this and I come across an image like the one, taken on one of our hikes in Redwood National and State Parks. Seeing this makes me want to go on another trip again and I’m already looking forward to the next time we’ll be able to go on a new adventure 🙂
Kinda made it perfect for this BW theme I thought…

Week 25/26: Looking Forward To

And So The Adventure Begins

Looking Forward To; orangesunstudio; yvettevanteeffelen; california; tree; forest; giant; giants; trees; sun; sunshine; flare; sun flare; nature; outdoors; state park; park; protected; old

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During our trip last year after leaving Grand Canyon National Park our trip continued to Zion National Park. The drive is about 4 and a half hours with a camper not including stops.

The landscape is dry and deserted and rugged, with small towns here and there. It’s pretty neat area to drive through I think.

At one point we arrived at Navajo Bridge, one of the seven land crossings of the Colorado river. There are actually two bridges, an old one and a new one. The image below was taken from the old bridge where you can stop to enjoy the view. I just loved the combination of the colors of the rocks, the sky and the water. And yes, the water was that color.

I thought it would fit for the BW project’s theme of week 24 but of course I had to post the color version as well… how could I not… the colors are just too good 🙂

Week 24/26: Color (don’t describe what your color is in your shot – let us guess!)

I See Your True Colors

BW Project; BW; Color; orangesunstudio; yvettevanteeffelen; travel; photography; canyon; navajo bridge; bridge; arizona; usa; us; marble canyon; colorado river

BW Project; BW; Color; orangesunstudio; yvettevanteeffelen; travel; photography; canyon; navajo bridge; bridge; arizona; usa; us; marble canyon; colorado river

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One of the things I like from visiting bigger cities is watching the traffic. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like getting stuck in traffic at all, believe me when I tell you that is one of those things I really don’t miss from The Netherlands…but it’s the busy-ness that I can enjoy at moments. And I know it sounds silly but now that we live in the Midwest there’s just not much traffic here and compared to the traffic from when we lived in The Netherlands that’s just sooo nice. There are no traffic jams and when you have an appointment you can just drive somewhere and you know upfront how long it will take you to get there and that’s how long it will actually take you to get there….

Here, there’s no need in checking the internet to see if there are traffic jams or if you have to leave half an hour early ‘because you never know’…

I thought the image below, taken in Chicago, would be fitting for the theme ‘Commuting’ for the Black and White Project… As we were walking around in the city we crossed a couple of busy streets like this, with the train bridge (do you call it a train bridge??) where I just couldn’t put my tripod out on the street and then finally I found a street that wasn’t as busy (which made it safer to stand out in the street) so I could take a couple images. It was not as busy as I had wanted but I still like the image !
And yes I’m late but I’m almost finished with the 2016 Black and White Project 🙂

There’s No Need To Drive Fast

Week 23/26: Commuting

There's No Need To Drive Fast

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