Sometimes getting in front of a camera can be scary. Marit is usually not as shy when I see her and she’s very chatty. This time we hadn’t seen each other for a while and she was just a little bit shy. As she was getting photographed her mom was right next to me which helped her a bit. Of course when you can hold your best friend, as in this case a cute parrot, that definitely helps as well. 
I think it is totally adorable and I love how she holds her parrot so close. We chatted and took some photos as she was holding her friend. At one point she allowed mom to hold on to her parrot and I was able to take some photos of her by herself. 
In my own favorite school portrait from when I was growing up I was holding my bear. I was holding it close and there was no one then that would be able to get him away from me. Oh and one of my hands was completely scribbled with marker… the image is just perfect to me, that’s who I was 🙂 
Fine Art School Portraits
Wichita Fine Art School Portraits
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