Two lovely sisters and their beautiful mother

These two lovely sisters and their beautiful mother were so great to photograph, they can really get along and love to laugh. The girls are at such a great age as well to have in the studio and they were so relaxed in front of the camera. At first Charmaine only wanted images of her daughters and  didn’t want to be included but I’m soo happy she let me persuade her to get in for at least a couple of images!! I think she looks fantastic and you can see where Alison and Katie got their looks from 😉

2013 Marchand ladies 01.jpg2013 Marchand ladies 02.jpg2013 Marchand ladies 03.jpg2013 Marchand ladies 04.jpg2013 Marchand ladies 05.jpg2013 Marchand ladies 06.jpg2013 Marchand ladies 07.jpg2013 Marchand ladies 08.jpg
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