Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

I can’t believe you missed any of my posts on Facebook about the Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt, but in case you did I thought I’d share my entries here as well.

Maybe you weren’t sure which images were mine and that mystery gets solved right here 😉

The Scavenger Hunt is organized on Google+ by a great photographer in Edmonton, Chrysta Rae, and this was the first time I entered it. You see the thing is that there are only 500 people that can enter the hunt and it kinda fills up quickly. This time the sign up process was stopped after 48 minutes…. seriously, it took only 48 minutes for 500 people to sign up for this, how crazy is that. So I was very lucky to get in 🙂

We received a list of 10 items to shoot and we had to abide by several rules of the hunt (no talking about the list, no sharing of any of the images after the judges had seen them, no recycled images were allowed,….,…..). It’s serious business….

We had about 2 months to shoot our items (you had to at least enter 1 image for the hunt but didn’t have to do all 10), after which the judges would look at all the photos per item and would hand out honorable mentions, a 3rd place vote, 2nd place vote and a 1st place vote. Imagine all the work involved here…..

And this time, I think for the first time, there were sponsors and prices to give away, how awesome is that !!

After the judging Chrysta revealed the images and the votes. In the end there were winners per judge and there was one overall winner.

It was such a great thing to do, to connect with the other photographers in a separate community and in the end to see what everyone came up with. It was such a great ride 🙂

So here are the images that I entered:




With my image for flexibility one I won a honourable mentions from 3 judges and a 2nd place vote from another judge 🙂


With my image for jealousy I won one honourable mention and a 3rd place vote 🙂


With my image for laughter I won an honourable mention from 3 judges 🙂

SOOC means straight out of camera, so there was no photoshopping allowed on this image.
With this image I won a 1st place vote 🙂

With my image for small I won a honourable mention from 3 judges and a 3rd place vote from another judge 🙂

With my image for wildlife I won a 3rd place vote from 1 judge and a 1st place vote from 2 other judges 🙂

Oh and in case you hand’t noticed, yep that’s me in every single one of them 😉

Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Whoop whoop!!!!!! Geweldig!!!!

  2. Dank je Yvonne 🙂

  3. With these images I’m amazed you haven’t won the hunt yet! I think it is coming…

  4. I just now see your message Joanna, thank you 🙂

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