For week 21 the theme of the Black and White Project on Google+ was Solitude.

Solitude means the state or situation of being alone but it also means a lonely or uninhabited place. I thought this coastal view from out trip on the West Coast this summer would be very fitting.

I had really been looking forward to the part of the trip where we would be traveling along the coast from San Francisco to Portland. The views were supposed to be spectacular and I had looked for places to stay near the coast so I could go out to the beach to take photos in the morning and in the evening to capture the sunrise and sunsets. Now I don’t like getting up really early for sunrises and I thought if I’m really close to the coast I’ll manage it and I’ll actually get out of bed that early 😉

Unfortunately we didn’t get any nice sunrises or sunsets, the weather was not cooperating at all when we were there, it was rainy, foggy and just plain miserable. We had some clear moments during the day but just no spectacular sunrises or sunsets… As I was shooting this there weren’t a lot of other people around on the beach which was actually really nice 🙂

Week 21/26: Solitude

In Quietness The Soul Expands

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