Maternity Session Florence

This is my beautiful sister Florence and she’s expecting her first baby boy soon!! She’s been longing for this little guy for quite a while and now she’s such a beautiful momma to be.

When I was visiting The Netherlands in May we only had a couple of days in which we could take some images. The first day the weather wasn’t cooperating so we had to stay inside, the second day it was a gorgeous day outside so we were able to get some outdoor shots as well and we knew just the perfect spot for it. I love the tall grass with the wild flowers!

There is something so incredibly beautiful about pregnancy. Even when you don’t feel it that moment, especially in your last trimester (….. feeling tired, sore, achy, swollen…), well it’s there. There’s a special glow, that just begs to be captured. And I’m so happy I could capture it for my own sister. When my sister in law was pregnant with her 2nd baby we planned a maternity shoot and her baby boy was born the night before the shoot…… what are the odds….

Well we can’t wait for our new nephew to arrive, I know I’ll be on a plane to The Netherlands soon to meet him 🙂

c43-2014-05 Maternity Florence 01.jpgc86-2014-05 Maternity Florence 02.jpgc77-2014-05 Maternity Florence 03.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 04.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 05.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 06.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 07.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 08.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 09.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 10.jpg2014-05 Maternity Florence 11.jpg

Maternity Session Florence

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  1. oh prachtig!!!!

  2. Dank je Yvonne 🙂

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