Looking Forward To

After a vacation it always takes me time to go through all my photos of the trip. I know there are photographers who sort their photos out straight away and that’s that but that’s not me. Not when it comes to the photos of our personal trips… that can take me months… Maybe it’s also because I just like going back to the images and in a way experience the journey over and over again. Look at my edits, try different edits, compare them side by side, it’s a process 🙂

And then while I’m doing this and I come across an image like the one, taken on one of our hikes in Redwood National and State Parks. Seeing this makes me want to go on another trip again and I’m already looking forward to the next time we’ll be able to go on a new adventure 🙂
Kinda made it perfect for this BW theme I thought…

Week 25/26: Looking Forward To

And So The Adventure Begins

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