About me

2017-06 YvetteWell I was born and raised in the south of The Netherlands in a small town called Sittard. I have an older sister and a younger brother, and yes, all of my family lives in The Netherlands. That’s where I also met my husband many years ago, we actually grew up not too far from each other. We love to travel and together we moved around a bit. We lived in Derry (Northern Ireland), Lincoln (Nebraska, US), Brandon (Manitoba, Canada) and now we’re in Wichita where we hope to spend many happy years!

Once upon a time I was a teacher at a day nursery, a secretary and an executive management assistant (not all at the same time…), but nowadays I take pictures of everything that doesn’t move and some things that do.

When we lived in Lincoln I started with photography. We had bought a new camera and I simply wanted to know how it worked so I took some classes at the Community College. Once I started to learn more about photography I simply didn’t stop taking photos. I loved trying new things and I soon realized that I wanted to photograph people. I remember seeing newborn photos and talking to my teacher about a workshop when she simply said ‘oh you can do that..’ and so I started to look for baby’s to practice… I loved it!! I started photographing more people somewhere along the way, and I saw how happy it would make them to have beautiful images of themselves. I love the impact photography can have on people’s lives, how it makes them slow down, remember, honor and appreciate one another. When we moved to Brandon I wanted to take my photography to a next level and started taking classes at the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh where they have a great online program. That’s where I learned more about portraiture and studio techniques and I’m very proud to say that I had straight A’s!!

In January 2014, after completing my training, I started offering Beloved Sessions. Beloved Sessions are a different genre of photography completely focussing on true emotions and connections, and I just love love love it. I think it’s the best thing ever 🙂 You can read more about Beloved here!

..am fond of great friends and good wine, especially when enjoyed together.
..love a good cup of coffee.
..totally drive my husband nuts when I try new recipes when we have people over for dinner.
..still having a crush on my husband ;).
..am fascinated by people, their stories, what moves and motivates them.
..think life is too short to take yourself too seriously.
..am not happy with spiders or mosquitoes.
..still enjoy walking hand in hand.
..love to go camping and make a big campfire.
..love laughing until my belly hurts or until I’m crying, whichever comes first.

I believe that everybody has a story and my goal is to tell yours. I consider it a privilege when a family, or individual allows me to enter in their personal world and record who they are. For me the idea behind photo sessions, is not to be formal and stiff. It should be to capture your moments, to snap that time in your life. Let kids be kids, have fun and relax!

Well, this is my story, now I’d love to hear yours!!


Beloved Photography