Today was such a cold day, surely a day to stay inside, I still had some editing to do so I didn’t mind staying in…

On top of the cold weather my husband was sick at home. So what do you do… well, when I needed a break from editing I made flourless almond butter cookies 🙂  I had found the recipe a while ago and it was on my list of recipes to try out, so today was the day. I also thought it would cheer him up a bit!!

The best thing about this recipe is there is no flour added to it, now that might not be a bit deal to you, but we’ve stopped eating processed foods and carbs since the end of March. Which also means: we haven’t had cookies since the end of March…. Now I don’t mind it that much, I miss chocolate more than cookies, but with almost every cup of coffee my husband tells me ‘oh wouldn’t a cookie be nice now’.  So by now you can probably imagine that this was definitely a recipe that I wanted to try.

The recipe is pretty easy, you throw everything together, mix it, make balls and toss it in the oven, who couldn’t do that 😉 So today with our coffee, we had a cookie (or two) and I can tell you they were GOOD!! They didn’t make my husband feel better but he did like them.

c76-Cookies 01.pngc13-Cookies 03.png
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