One of the things I like from visiting bigger cities is watching the traffic. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like getting stuck in traffic at all, believe me when I tell you that is one of those things I really don’t miss from The Netherlands…but it’s the busy-ness that I can enjoy at moments. And I know it sounds silly but now that we live in the Midwest there’s just not much traffic here and compared to the traffic from when we lived in The Netherlands that’s just sooo nice. There are no traffic jams and when you have an appointment you can just drive somewhere and you know upfront how long it will take you to get there and that’s how long it will actually take you to get there….

Here, there’s no need in checking the internet to see if there are traffic jams or if you have to leave half an hour early ‘because you never know’…

I thought the image below, taken in Chicago, would be fitting for the theme ‘Commuting’ for the Black and White Project… As we were walking around in the city we crossed a couple of busy streets like this, with the train bridge (do you call it a train bridge??) where I just couldn’t put my tripod out on the street and then finally I found a street that wasn’t as busy (which made it safer to stand out in the street) so I could take a couple images. It was not as busy as I had wanted but I still like the image !
And yes I’m late but I’m almost finished with the 2016 Black and White Project 🙂

There’s No Need To Drive Fast

Week 23/26: Commuting

There's No Need To Drive Fast

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