Beloved Solo Session ~ Aswini

Aswini is a very kind and bright young woman who recently graduated as an Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from WSU. She is looking for an engineering job and was in need of a new profile photo for her LinkedIn page. So we teamed up for a Beloved Solo Session to make this happen. On a beautiful afternoon we first headed out to one of the parks here in Wichita and afterwards we dove into the studio for some more formal photos.

Before the session she had told me that she didn’t like being photographed, she never liked her photos. Talk about pressure….  However, I think the Beloved approach to photography made her forget the camera. It made her relax and we had so much fun talking, playing and exploring. We checked out different spots in the park, the high grass is always so great and I just love how the wind played with her hair! Here are some of my favorites of the session in the park.

Aswini, you were such a joy to photograph and I’m happy you love your photos 🙂

Aswini 01.jpgAswini 02.jpgAswini 03.jpgAswini 04.jpgAswini 05.jpgAswini 06.jpgAswini 07.jpgAswini 08.jpgAswini 09.jpgAswini 10.jpgAswini 11.jpgAswini 12.jpgAswini 13.jpgAswini 14.jpgAswini 15.jpgAswini 16.jpg

In case you are looking for an engineer, here’s a link to her LinkedIn profile!!

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