Beloved Session ~ Wizie & Darwin

I recently had the pleasure of having my dear friends Wizie and Darwin in front of my camera. And not just for any session, we were going to do a Beloved Session 🙂  The first time the three of us were talking about doing a Beloved Session Wizie and Darwin just lit up. They were both soo excited to get together for the shoot. Then as I received their filled-in questionnaires it was so much fun to read about their stories, about how they got together and their love for each other.

Scheduling a date however wasn’t so easy. When comparing calendars we quickly found out we had to wait a while before we could actually do the shoot, as in wait months and months and months…. There was work, and way too many trips for each of us…we were visiting family in Holland, they were visiting a tropical island… French Polynesia…. how cool is that… And then when the day was finally there it was perfect! The weather was cooperating, it was a bit chilly outside but after the hot and humid days this was actually not too bad.  We had such a great time  💛

blogoss wizie and darwin 01.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 02.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 03.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 04.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 05.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 06.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 07.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 08.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 09.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 10.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 11.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 12.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 13.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 14.jpgblogoss wizie and darwin 15.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 01.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 02.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 03.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 04.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 05.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 06.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 07.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 08.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 09.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 10.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 11.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 12.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 13.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 14.jpgossblog Wizie Darwin 15.jpg

If, after seeing these images, you’re interested in finding out more about my Beloved Sessions, you can find more information here 🙂 


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  1. Oh wat een mooi koppel! Prachtige foto’s.

  2. Dank je Yvonne, het is ook zo’n ontzettend leuk stel, zo leuk om te fotograferen 🙂

  3. These are pictures of my son and my presious daughter in love!
    Love, Mom

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