Beloved Session ~ Ash & Holly

They were born and raised on different continents, they both travelled the world, they met in Spain and now they live in Canada. It was love at first sight and on the day they met they ended up dancing in an empty ballroom….. what a wonderful story is that and what a fantastic way to start a new journey together. Next year they are getting married and they’ll have several wedding celebrations, again on different continents, first in India and later in Scotland, how totally awesome is that ūüôā

Ash and Holly are such a great and beautiful couple and they are so much in love. And to see the chemistry between them in front of my camera felt like a dream. They were absolutely perfect to photograph , they obviously have a love for adventure and were willing to try anything I suggested and were open to the invites.
I also loved that Holly put thought into creating some props to complement their engagement session.

After the session I asked them to write something about how they experienced their Beloved Session and this is what they wrote :


“We were initially apprehensive about the photo shoot, we had¬†reservations that it may be awkward and the poses staged. Yvette¬†changed our skepticism into excitement and enjoyment. She made us¬†laugh naturally, conjure up old memories and enjoy each other. We even¬†forgot Yvette was there while we got lost in our stories to each¬†other. Every pose is natural with each photo telling a blissful tale¬†while becoming a beautiful memory we will cherish forever. Thank you¬†Yvette, what a wonderful experience.”
~ Holly


“It all started with Yvette asking us to prepare a few things prior to¬†the photo-shoot. Right away we realized that this is not going to be¬†normal photo-shoot. This preparation brought back to life the memories¬†we had shared and locked away in our memory boxes. We were initially¬†apprehensive about the photo shoot because any photo-shoot we had been¬†to was very regimented with posing and performing as a puppet of the¬†photographer. Yvette’s photo shoot was completely the opposite. It was¬†almost like an adventure and we felt as if we were really in a story¬†about us. The most amazing thing was how we felt so much at ease being¬†photographed while sharing intimate moments with each other. Actually,¬†we felt so much at ease with her that a lot of times we forgot Yvette¬†was there on her belly, knees etc. photographing us with her keen eye.¬†Finally, when we were called in to look at the pictures, we were¬†simply amazed at the beauty of them. Seriously, they were just¬†amazing! Holly kept saying “this is my favourite picture” and “this is¬†my favourite picture” and so on and on. Every pose was natural with¬†each photo becoming a happy memory of the photo shoot itself. We have¬†to say that this was not just your average “run of the mill” photo¬†shoot, this was an experience and a very memorable experience!”
~ Ash


What more can I say after those words other than MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ūüėÄ

Ash & Holly 01.pngAsh & Holly 02.pngAsh & Holly 03.pngAsh & Holly 03-1.pngAsh & Holly 04.pngAsh & Holly 05.pngAsh & Holly 06.pngAsh & Holly 07.pngAsh & Holly 08.pngAsh & Holly 9.pngAsh & Holly 10-1.pngAsh & Holly 11.pngAsh & Holly 12.pngAsh & Holly 13.pngAsh & Holly 14.pngAsh & Holly 15.pngAsh & Holly 16.png

Beloved Session ~ Ash & Holly

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  1. Oh Yvette……prachtige shoot! Wat een mooi stel!

  2. He dank je Yvonne, ja mooi stel h√® en we hebben zo’n ontzettend leuke tijd gehad samen ūüôā

  3. Holly at #

    Love this blog Yvette, what wonderful words you have written about us. Best photographer ever!! Love xx

  4. Thank you so much Holly ūüôā

  5. I’m afraid I’m going to be bawling at the weddings


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