Beloved Family Session with my dear friends

Last April when I was visiting The Netherlands I got to photograph my dear friends Randolf & Gitte and their totally adorable daughter Marit. Initially we planned to get together for a Beloved family session when I was visiting The Netherlands in 2015. Yeah, I’m not kidding here… We were all ready and set to go but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. Dark clouds were hanging over our heads and it started raining. We decided to postpone the shoot for another day. Or, in our case, it would be wait another year. At that moment there just wasn’t any other day or time left before we were flying back to the US again.

That day we ended up at the city center in a bar where we hung out and enjoyed lunch and wine together. We had a great afternoon no matter what, shoot or no shoot, rain or shine 🙂 

In the end, instead of one year we all had to wait two years for the shoot. You see, we ended up not visiting The Netherlands in 2016…

So as we were planning our trip to go back home earlier this year, one of the first things to be added to our planning was this Beloved Family Session. Our planning usually gets a life of it’s own and we needed to make sure this was going to happen!!

The session was fantastic. The best thing about it was to get to know Marit better. Now that she is getting older she is getting less shy when she sees me in person. Gitte is my Skype buddy and I chat with her quite regularly, when Marit is around she usually joins us for a moment and chats with us as well. But in the past when I used to see her in person when I was visiting she was always very shy. Well that has definitely changed now and I love it 🙂 

Beloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 01.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 02.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 03.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 04.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 05.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 06.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 07.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 08.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 09.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 10.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 11.jpgBeloved Family Session Randolf Gitte 12.jpg

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your family? Contact me today to plan your own carefree and fun Beloved Family Session. Let’s create some magic together!

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