Our Alaska Vacation

For the first time in a lot of years we had our minds set on going on a 3 week vacation again.

At first we wanted to visit Quebec and travel around there, we had heard it’s a beautiful area. Then for some reason (I think it was Pascal…) we were talking about Alaska…. And the more we talked about it the more we wanted to go there this year and started planning our trip there. We decided that we wanted to do the inside passage cruise from Vancouver to Seward and then rent an rv to travel around Alaska for 2 weeks.

Visiting Alaska was also one of those things on my mom and dad’s bucket list and as soon as we told them about our plans they wanted to tag along, I think it took them a second or so to think about it 😉 We made all the arrangements and met up in Vancouver where we spend two nights before getting on board the Holland America ship.

We had such a great time, we saw a LOT and the views from the ship and on land were just amazing.

2013 Alaska Blog 01.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 02.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 03.jpg

I spend one morning on the front deck of the ship (don’t shoot me if that has a special name, I’m not a sailor), I was all alone, there was a lot of mist and it was just magical seeing the sun rise. Of course the captain and his men were there, way up  and probably looking down at me and thinking ‘why isn’t that crazy woman sleeping at this hour’… After 7 nights on the ship we picked up the rv and made a ‘little’ round trip through Alaska, visiting Kenai, Valdez, Fairbanks, Denali and Anchorage.

2013 Alaska Blog 04.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 05.jpg

The bears that we saw up close next to the road catching fish and in Denali National Park made my heart skip a couple of beats, Pascal caught his first salmon (and ended up catching 6 so all we were eating was salmon from then on…) and my mom even caught her first fish ever!

2013 Alaska Blog 06.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 11.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 09.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 10.jpg

Seeing Denali National Park in the fall felt like a bonus, and besides the rain (yes we did have a lot of rain….) I do think the fall is the best time to go see Denali. Oh and this cuddly grizzly took her time to pose for us as we were all patiently admiring her from a safe distance 🙂

2013 Alaska Blog 12.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 13.jpg

I think the best thing about this trip was that we were able to share this with my mom and dad, we don’t see each other that often, with us living in Canada en them in The Netherlands, which makes it extra special and one to remember 🙂

2013 Alaska Blog 07.jpg2013 Alaska Blog 08.jpg

This blog allows me to share my photos so I thought I’d share some of our Alaska vacation as well in case you’d like to see my world behind the lens 😉


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  1. Wat gaaf zeg!! En Echt mooie foto’s!

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